Are you looking for affordable cyber protection, compliance and resilience solutions to protect your public services from the latest cyber threats?

Consider Lionfish Cyber Security

We Provide Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Workforce Development Solutions

We Have Developed a Military Grade Integrated Cyber Risk & 
Workforce Platform

Our Platform Powers Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Programs For Indiana Students

  • Say Goodbye To:
  • Cybersecurity threats
  • Expensive expertise and tools
  • Inadequate budgets and tech debt
  • Talent shortage
  • Lack of proactive risk management
  • Say Hello To:
  • Improved cyber protection
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Increased resilience against threats
  • Affordable expertise and tools
  • Digitization, workforce development and continuity of services

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Cyber Awareness Training Is Built Into
The Lionfish Platform

The Lionfish Platform Provides
Compliance Awareness Training

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