Lionfish Cyber Security Launches Outreach to Indiana Small Businesses on How to Use State Dollars to Fund Cybersecurity Programs and Training

Indianapolis, IN– Lionfish Cyber Security has figured out a way to help Indiana (IN) employers and DoD contractors tap into state dollars for their cybersecurity program and training. If you are a DoD Contractor in the state of Indiana, it’s time to learn more about Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements. Lionfish is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO), and a Lionfish Cyber Security is a CMMC Accredited Practitioner™, so able to assist in these requirements. Webinars will begin this month, so that all IN businesses interested can fill out the necessary forms and be onboarded by July, when the funds are anticipated to be allocated. Indiana generally releases its new grant monies to help all Indiana employers train their employees in the summer.

Lionfish Cyber Security is an approved trainer and learning center under the Indiana Office for Career and Technical Schools, and offers both basic and advanced computer skills and cybersecurity training. The grant level can go up to $50,000 per company, depending on whether the employer meets pre-set criteria.

To learn more about the Lionfish By-With-Through Platform™ and grant funds, each webinar is designed to show you a roadmap of what to expect, and how to participate, working with Lionfish Cyber Security.

“Every company must deal with multiple third-party contractors and vendors as a part of their business. This exposes businesses to multiple users and introduces new vulnerabilities. Implementing security practices such as endpoint monitoring, patching, network segmentation, etc., can help mitigate the risks posed to your supply chain. But where do you start? We are here for companies like yours,” said CEO Jeremy Miller of Lionfish Cyber Security.

Find our list of webinars each month this spring on Eventbrite, or signup on our website for our newsletter! The dates of these free webinars presented by Lionfish Cyber Security are:

Tues., April 13, 2021, Lionfish Cyber Security Overview & Grant Opportunity—10:30 AM to Noon EDT

Tues., April 20, 2021, Lionfish Cyber Security Overview & Grant Opportunity—10:30 AM to Noon EDT

Thurs., April 29, 2021 Lionfish Cyber Security Overview & Grant Opportunity—10:30 AM to Noon EDT


About LionFish Cybersecurity

As a vet-owned business, we provide guidance and activity-driven models for small businesses everywhere that seek to achieve a high standard of cybersecurity excellence for cyber deterrence and resilience. We are working towards a world where all businesses are cyber resilient and are no longer easy targets for cyber-attacks. Our mission is to provide affordable cyber readiness solutions for all businesses through our scalable cyber guardian channels that are tied to appropriate guidance, best practices, and related technologies that empower companies to evolve with the cyber threat landscape. With our By-With-Through Platform™ for cyber security protection, and related trainings, we go beyond the average managed security services provider (MSSP). To learn more about us, visit or email [email protected].

Lionfish Cyber Security is regulated by the Office for Career and Technical Schools – 10 N Senate Avenue, Suite SE 308, Indianapolis 46204 – [email protected]