Empowering the American Workforce

The Lionfish Risk Management Enablement Platform stands as a shining beacon of American ingenuity, designed to revolutionize workforce development in the realm of cybersecurity.

As the world’s first and only cyber workforce development platform at scale, Lionfish proudly champions the values that make our nation exceptional.

Efficient, effective, and robust, the Lionfish platform is tailored to handle vast volumes of data, users, and training tasks with ease. The Lionfish Risk Management Enablement Platform is the ideal choice for organizations striving to maintain a cutting-edge, continuous training environment. Our platform’s flexibility and adaptability enable seamless integration with an array of models, data sources, or training methods, ensuring that American businesses, colleges, high schools, and training centers can build or manage training programs that fulfill their unique requirements.

By choosing the Lionfish Risk Management Enablement Platform, you are not only investing in the future of your organization but also contributing to the growth and strength of the American workforce. Together, let us strive for a safer, more secure, and prosperous future for our great nation.

Apprenticeship and Internship Training and Management

It combines workforce development, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and cyber tools to help businesses protect their data, employees, and devices. The workforce development offering provides employee upskilling in addition to apprenticeship and internship training and management. It offers on-demand help and training, cyber tool identification, pre-built policy and procedure responders, and robust analytic reports. The Lionfish platform has been designed to help any business, education institution or government agency implement a workforce development plan, or manage an existing one.

Training Center - Courses In CYBER + Non-Cyber

For example, the platform can be used to access a compliance framework as the path forward for an internship and apprenticeship. With a trained intern, cyber teams will find that they can work through the 17 practices required for CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), Level 1 in any tech facility. With this level of cybersecurity protection achieved, your company will be in a strong position to achieve ongoing cyber resiliency now or later.

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Announcing A Cyber Pre- Apprentice Internship Program for Juniors & Seniors!

Building a training platform at scale means that the Lionfish platform can handle large volumes of data, users, and training tasks. It can handle increasing amounts of data and users without sacrificing performance or reliability. Additionally, the platform is flexible and adaptable to changing requirements, such as new types of models, data sources, and training methods.

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