Jackson discusses his experience going through the Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Jackson wants to start a career in cyber security to help others. He discusses how the program begins by going over the fundamentals of software so people with no prior knowledge of the topics can learn from the beginning. This program is great for students who are interested in a cyber security career.

Cybersecurity by the Numbers

Just two years ago there were about 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the United States according to the Department of Commerce. That number has surged to more than 500,000. Cyberseek.org, a project of CompTIA, Burning Glass, and the National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE), document these gaps by state.

Need to Hire an Intern?

For Employers

At Lionfish, we look at your cyber security steps as an entire process and will encourage you to hire a high school intern for a 4-month period. An internship offers a high school junior or senior an opportunity for CompTIA-based IT training coupled with on-the-job learning at your facility or even virtually. We train the intern, so you don’t have to.

Lionfish will offer employers, like you, access to a compliance framework as the path forward for all internships through the Lionfish Cyber Tackle Box, for compliance. With a trained intern, cyber teams will find that they can work through the 17 practices required for CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), Level 1 in any tech facility. With this level of cybersecurity protection achieved, your company will be in a strong position to achieve ongoing cyber resiliency now or later.

Build your cybersecurity team and driving diversity in cybersecurity roles.

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For School Leaders, Including Counselors & Principals

It’s Time to Grow Talent in Tech Fields Especially Cyber Security! That’s Why Lionfish Cyber Security will partner with your school to bring in our Cybersecurity Pre-Apprenticeship Internship Program for Qualified Juniors & Seniors.

  • Can you or your staff recommend juniors and seniors who are looking for a tech career and would like a challenge both in-classroom and outside working in a part-time tech internship?
  • Can you help us identify employers that are ready to accept juniors and seniors with the proper training into their IT team in 3-month cycles?
  • Do you want your best and brightest students to achieve tech certifications before they enter the workforce or college?

Students are generally introduced to new experiences in every internship, and a cyber pre-apprenticeship internship can train them to better understand how to operate within a tech career. This internship will allow for learning as well as an hourly wage or a stipend for students via employers who participate. There may be an opportunity for class credits, dependent on your school parameters, to assist students in meeting degree requirements.

All related training courses will be CompTIA courses. Each semester the courses being taught will be determined via assessment of students participating, and the Lionfish personnel available for mentoring and training oversight. And, we are supported in partnership by the Hamilton County Center for Career Achievement.

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For Students

Calling All Interested Juniors & Seniors With An Interest in a Tech Career! Gain Specialized Certifications & Early Cybersecurity Training Now and Participate in a Paid Internship This Year! Join the Lionfish Cybersecurity Pre-Apprenticeship Internship This Semester!

A Quick Self-Test:

  • Do You Achieve Top Grades in Math & Science?
  • Are you interested in a Tech Career?
  • Are you entering your Junior or Senior Year with a B Average or Better?
  • Do you want to work part-time and get paid?

Yes, there may be an opportunity for class credit as well….Speak to your math teacher, or your counselor to learn more about this program and its associated time and costs designed to give you certifications BEFORE you enter college or employment. This internship will teach you about cyber resilience and compliance techniques used within corporations and by Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

You can test for CompTIA certifications tied to cybersecurity and IT services before you leave high school! And earn while you learn via an internship this year!

Each semester key training for these pre-apprenticeship interns will be organized and executed by Lionfish Cyber Security team members as mentors and coaches as well as instructors during not more than a two-year period, offering CompTIA coursework and ultimately certifications. This coursework will be delivered in 4-month cycles and can be joined virtually.

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Following State and Federal Guidelines Simplified with Lionfish Cybersecurity

We have worked with federal and state resources to align with known standards for training apprenticeship in terms of time, money, talent, and training. We know the ropes and track their progress through the set programs based on roles.

We have worked with federal and state resources to align with known standards for training interns in terms of time, money, talent, and training.

We know the ropes and track their progress through the set programs based on roles.

At Lionfish, we train all interns with our team first, support and grade them based on our checklists for processes, procedures, and knowledge management. This affords you the opportunity to have an intern that meets set national standards, understands his or her role, has done some implementation while under Lionfish care, and will be ready to bring procedures, best practices, and process management with him or her.

We can scale your cyber security programs, and upskill individuals alongside your intern if desired. 86% of employers have to provide on-the-job training for traditional new cyber security-related hires, according to the annual ISACA® Global State of Cybersecurity Survey. With an intern over a period of 4 months, the employer gets a great deal of value at an affordable rate. Graduating interns can transition to apprenticeships where they rise on the pay scale alongside their knowledge if desired.