The Ultimate Solution for Workforce Development

The Lionfish platform is the world’s first and only cyber workforce development platform at scale. It is the ultimate solution for workforce development institutions seeking to train their students effectively and efficiently on cyber security compliance and risk management. The platform is equipped with a plethora of interactive and engaging training modules, assessments, and certifications tailored to various student groups and levels.

By promoting collaboration and communication between different departments and stakeholders, including legal, IT, audit, and operations, the Lionfish platform ensures transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making. With everyone on the same page, compliance and risk management become a breeze!

Colleges and universities that prioritize compliance and risk management can effortlessly set themselves apart from competitors and attract students who value data privacy, security, and ethics. The Lionfish platform provides a holistic and proactive approach to compliance and risk management, enhancing the institution’s reputation and brand value.

Attract Your Students and What They Value