10 Truisms of Cyber Security- Part I

Before we go straight into the truisms, know that cyber-readiness is not a role for any one person on your team, every member of the team has a role to play in it. Now let’s get your small business cyber ready. 

1. Preparation Is The Key To Success

Start with taking time out with your team for internal assessment. For a checklist, you can refer to CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) or other such free guides shared by the government. Take into account your IT assets also you can identify, document and manage all assets.

Draw up an Incident Management Plan (IMP) that can help you quickly get back on your feet following an unwanted event. You can take the help of the Defense Counter Intelligence And Security Agency (DCSA). Your cyber leader can also go through the free CyberReadiness Institute course to gather useful policies and procedures that can be implemented in your business. 

Lionfish can help you navigate this process with your team. 

Our proven By-With-Through (BWT) Platform™ for small businesses provides your company with a model for cyber services and support, opportunities to skill up and a framework that clarifies what is needed to protect your business from cyber threats.

2. Always Be Able To Deliver The Necessary Outcome

The first step towards this is the coordination between your teams. Start with gathering information of available I.T. systems, critical infrastructure and your business processes that should be accessible to other team members as well. Define the work roles of your team specialty areas, skills, tasks and for that, you can work along the lines of the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework which provides a blueprint to categorize and describe cybersecurity work.

Lionfish can help you navigate this process with your team. 

We can help retain and disseminate the knowledge to your team by offering documentation of routine I.T. security tasks and also managing those tasks so your focus remains on the other pressing business issues. We further assist by supplementing your staffing needs with our seasoned security professionals and registered I.T. apprentices. 

3. The Secret Of Crisis Management Is Not Good Versus Bad, But Preventing The Bad From Getting Worse

Disaster recovery is seen as the most important aspect only after a cyber-attack. But for your small business to be cyber-ready, you need to be prepared for the worst. You should have regular backups, test, be able to restore critical data, know where those backup files are stored. 

Lionfish can help you navigate this process with your team. 

The Lionfish Cyber Security BWT Platform™ offers rapid remediation and set up of appropriate disaster recovery mechanisms to keep your business running smoothly.

4. Do It Today

For a better cyber hygiene take actions today that too overall within the organization. Educate your workforce about password updating, two-factor authentication, doing up software patches instantly. 

Lionfish can help you navigate this process with your team. 

Lionfish Cyber Security can provide cyber awareness training to achieve data care best practices that protect your most valuable assets.

5.Unity Is Strength- Have Partnerships 

The importance of partners in the cyber field is very important, because malware takes many forms in disruption including phishing, data exfiltration and ransomware. It is only when small businesses will begin to acknowledge cyber skills gap in their employees that they can empower team members to learn new skills.

A recently conducted research on digital operations inside small businesses by CompTIA, a partner of Lionfish Cyber Security found that there are two different areas that companies must consider when addressing security skills. 

I General Workforce 

Only 44% of companies feel that their business staff have an ideal level of security expertise. Training is provided at 77% of the firms with skill gaps, but that training is only viewed as extremely effective 45% of the time. 

II Skills of Technology Professionals 

Deeper skills are needed, and most companies are using training, partnering or certifications to build modern security skills. 

Lionfish can help you navigate this process with your team. 

As a trusted partner, Lionfish provides a software suite in the BWT Platform™ that alerts you when there is abnormal network activity and offers a 24/7 support hotline so that when issues arise, they get resolved fast.

Training programs, like classes that teach CompTIA courses for various certifications, are available as part of the Lionfish BWT Platform™. 

These are just 5 of the 10 truisms of cybersecurity. The next 5 truisms to be discussed in detail in Part III.

With Lionfish Cyber Security you can: 

  • Mitigate your uptime/income
  • Establish enhanced security
  • Become less of an easy target for hackers
  • Increase functionality within I.T.
  • Reduce risks of hacking, malware and data loss 
  • Become cyber self-sufficient in key target areas 
  • Lower your technology costs overall 
  • Improve profit margins with outside support access

Lionfish Cyber Security, a disabled veteran’s company led by a former Green Beret, takes a military precision style needed to achieve results in cyber-readiness. Connect with Lionfish Cyber Security to make your business cyber ready so it becomes more competitive and profitable while you get that peace of mind for a stronger work-life balance.

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