Lionfish Cyber Security Hosts Free Event to Honor Unsung Heros

Lionfish Cyber Security, a leading cybersecurity services provider to the federal government and Defense Industrial Base (DIB), is hosting a Flag Day event on June 14th, to honor Unsung Heroes. Included in the list of special guests is Kris Kubecka, who is a world-renowned cyberwarfare specialist.

The activities of this patriotic event are expected to include the opportunity to hear and learn from legendary cyber experts and special guests who will share their war stories. This event will also include other activities like a bourbon toast to our Unsung Heroes, a unique lock picking simulation, and a shooting simulator provided by Top Shot. More activities and speakers will be announced later. Appetizers and a cash bar are also available.

“Many people risk their lives day in and day out to safeguard sensitive information from cyber threats. Most often than not, these people never get the reward for their hard work and intelligence. This is why they remain our unsung heroes and we are excited to honor them on June 14th.” says Jeremy Miller, the CEO of Lionfish Cyber Security.

Lionfish Cyber Security has some exciting offers for those who register early. They are offering a flat $50 off the CircleCityCon registration to the first 50 RSVPs between 1st to 3rd July. Early bird registers will have priority in receiving a free signed copy of the well-known book “Hack the world with OSINT” which is authored by the renowned Chris Kubeca. The first 200 registrations will also be receiving a signed bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon. (Limited to 2 bottles per company)

Provided is an in-depth list on the special guest speakers:

  • Chris Kubecka– He is a well-known cyber warfare expert who was in charge of restoring the Saudi Aramco network after it was attacked by one of the world’s most severe Shamoon assaults in 2012.
  • Chetrice Mosley Romero– Chetrice is the Director of Indiana’s Cybersecurity Program, working with public and commercial stakeholders to design and implement the state’s cybersecurity strategy and policy through the Governor’s Executive Council on Cybersecurity.
  • Jeff Man– He is a well-known information security specialist, advisor, and advocate, as well as a co-host on Paul’s Security Weekly and Tribe of Hackers.
  • Leo Doyle– Leo Doyle is the leader of the city of Indianapolis’ Cyber Defense Force, which is part of the IMPD Homeland Security Bureau, as well as a subject matter expert advising the Mayor, Governor, and members of Congress.
  • Vince Makela, Sergeant Major (Retired)- Sergeant Major Makela helped Northern Alliance colleagues in Afghanistan free more than 50 villages, towns, and cities in six Northern Provinces, and eventually, defeat the Taliban and force Al-Qaeda into Pakistan’s mountains as a member of the Horse Soldiers (ODA 595).
  • LTC Dave Skalon– Dave is the J36 or Cyber Operations Officer for the Indiana National Guard – LTC Dave Skalon originally enlisted in the Active Army in 1988 and served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm where he earned an Army Commendation medal. In 1992, as part of the Army Reserves, he was promoted to Sergeant and became an instructor of leadership while he attended college. After he graduated from Ball State University, he also received his Master’s of Science Degree in 1999 from Ball State University and earned his first officer position as the Network Engineer for the Indiana National Guard’s J6 Directorate of Information Management the same year. He worked in the J6 for 16 years, including the titles of Network Manager, Communications Branch Chief, J6 Project Manager, and IT Operations Division Chief and Chief Information Officer. He is credited with being the first Indiana National Guardsman to earn the Chief Information Officer certificate from National Defense University and holds 3 functional areas: Information Network Engineer, Information Systems Engineer, and Information Operations. He then deployed with the 219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade as their Communication Officer in 2011 as part of Operation New Dawn. With the emergence of the cyber field, COL Skalon was named the J36 in 2015 to lead Indiana’s Cyber efforts to enhance defensive network security. COL Skalon has held 3 commands and was the first officer to lead Indiana’s Computer Network Defense Team.

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