NERC CIP-002 through CIP-014 Revision 6_CIP-003-6 R4

NERC CIP-002 through CIP-014 Revision 6

Security Management Controls

CIP-003-6 R4

R4. The Responsible Entity shall implement a documented process to delegate authority unless no delegations are used. Where allowed by the CIP Standards the CIP Senior Manager may delegate authority for specific actions to a delegate or delegates. These delegations shall be documented including the name or title of the delegate the specific actions delegated and the date of the delegation; approved by the CIP Senior Manager; and updated within 30 days of any change to the delegation. Delegation changes do not need to be reinstated with a change to the delegator. [Violation Risk Factor: Lower] [Time Horizon: Operations Planning]

M4. An example of evidence may include but is not limited to a dated document approved by the CIP Senior Manager listing individuals (by name or title) who are delegated the authority to approve or authorize specifically identified items.


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