NIST 800-171_3.5.2

NIST 800-171



Authenticate (or verify) the identities of users processes or devices as a prerequisite to allowing access to organizational systems

Individual authenticators include the following: passwords key cards cryptographic devices and one-time password devices. Initial authenticator content is the actual content of the authenticator for example the initial password. In contrast the requirements about authenticator content include the minimum password length. Developers ship system components with factory default authentication credentials to allow for initial installation and configuration. Default authentication credentials are often well known easily discoverable and present a significant security risk.Systems support authenticator management by organization-defined settings and restrictions for various authenticator characteristics including minimum password length validation time window for time synchronous one-time tokens and number of allowed rejections during the verification stage of biometric authentication. Authenticator management includes issuing and revoking when no longer needed authenticators for temporary access such as that required for remote maintenance. Device authenticators include certificates and passwords.[SP 800-63-3] provides guidance on digital identities


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What is a Cybersecurity Compliance Framework?

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