SOC 2_CC7.3


Security System Operations


The entity evaluates security events to determine whether they could or have resulted in a failure of the entity to meet its objectives (security incidents) and if so takes actions to prevent or address such failures.

Responds to Security Incidents—Procedures are in place for responding to security incidents and evaluating the effectiveness of those policies and procedures on a periodic basis. Communicates and Reviews Detected Security Events—Detected security events are communicated to and reviewed by the individuals responsible for the management of the security program and actions are taken if necessary.Develops and Implements Procedures to Analyze Security Incidents—Procedures are in place to analyze security incidents and determine system impact.Assesses the Impact on Personal Information—Detected security events are evaluated to determine whether they could or did result in the unauthorized disclosure or use of personal information and whether there has been a failure to comply with applicable laws or regulations. Determines Personal Information Used or Disclosed—When an unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information has occurred the affected information is identified.


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What is a Cybersecurity Compliance Framework?

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