NIST 800-53_IA-5(1)

NIST 800-53

Identification and Authentication


Authenticator Management Password-based Authentication

For password-based authentication:(a) Maintain a list of commonly-used expected or compromised passwords and update the list [Assignment: organization-defined frequency] and when organizational passwords are suspected to have been compromised directly or indirectly;(b) Verify when users create or update passwords that the passwords are not found on the list of commonly-used expected or compromised passwords in IA-5(1)(a);(c) Transmit passwords only over cryptographically-protected channels;(d) Store passwords using an approved salted key derivation function preferably using a keyed hash;(e) Require immediate selection of a new password upon account recovery;(f) Allow user selection of long passwords and passphrases including spaces and all printable characters;(g) Employ automated tools to assist the user in selecting strong password authenticators; and(h) Enforce the following composition and complexity rules: [Assignment: organization-defined composition and complexity rules].


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