Lionfish Cyber Security Announces Its High School Cyber Pre-Apprentice Internship and Apprenticeship Programs Are Now An Offering Under The New Pursuit Institute

Indianapolis, IN—Lionfish Cyber Security is proud to announce its High School Cybersecurity Pre-apprentice Internship Program and its Cybersecurity DOL-approved Apprenticeship Program are both now being offered under the new Pursuit Institute based in Hamilton County, Indiana.

The Pursuit Institute, formerly known as the Hamilton County Center for Career Achievement, utilizes public-private partnerships to create a talent pipeline of skilled and credentialed students to directly impact the local economy. It was recently designated as an independent Career and Technical Education district by the state of Indiana.

Under the Lionfish Cybersecurity Pre-Apprentice Internship program, junior and senior high school students agree to take industry-desired CompTIA certifications mentored and led by Lionfish Cyber Security personnel, and earn at a minimum of 2 CompTIA certificates to be eligible to work an intern. Hours and pay will be negotiated and set with the hiring company. Students will not be asked to work more than 20 hours a week, during the school year’s active semesters, and will receive a minimum of $11 hr.

The national apprenticeship model under Lionfish, allowing the company to act as an official intermediary under US Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines, encompasses training selected for one of four distinct roles in cybersecurity and a minimum of 144 hours of training. Some of this training will be achieved through certification finalization, and some will be completed through competency-based on the job with the use of the Lionfish Cyber Tackle BoxTM, a compliance tracking cybersecurity toolkit. Lionfish will work to place students as apprentices, where they will work full-time, and complete their apprenticeship within one year, continuing with an increase in wages upon completion. Lionfish Cyber Security will work with the Pursuit Institute and various schools’ staff to identify employers interested in participation.

“We are excited to be a part of this initiative in exposing our students to new classes and training opportunities that will prepare them for high-wage, high-skill and in-demand careers once they graduate from HSE Schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Stokes of the Hamilton Southeastern Schools district. HSE is one of six districts served by the Pursuit Institute in Hamilton County, Indiana. The others are: Carmel, Hamilton Heights, Noblesville, Sheridan, and Westfield.

According to the Pursuit Institute’s Executive Director Carrie Lively, programming will be scalable and serve a higher percentage of the total student population than traditional centralized locations are able to serve.

Jeremy Miller, CEO of Lionfish Cyber Security, pointed out, “The number of openings in the cyber workforce nationwide is above 700,000 and continues to rise ( We are committed to training youth and adults into positions that pay well, and make a difference in protecting our nation’s trusted resources in key industries, including energy, banking, food production, and healthcare.” Visit for more information.

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This institution is regulated by the Office for Career and Technical Schools, 10 N Senate Avenue, Suite SE 308, Indianapolis 46204, [email protected],