PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)_Test 8.2

PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)

Identify and authenticate access to system components

Test 8.2

8.2 To verify that users are authenticated using unique ID and additional authentication (for example a password/phrase) for access to the cardholder data environment perform the following: – Examine documentation describing the authentication method(s) used. – For each type of authentication method used and for each type of system component observe an authentication to verify authentication is functioning consistent with documented authentication method(s).

These authentication methods when used in addition to unique IDs help protect users’ IDs from being compromised since the one attempting the compromise needs to know both the unique ID and the password (or other authentication used). Note that a digital certificate is a valid option for “something you have” as long as it is unique for a particular user. Since one of the first steps a malicious individual will take to compromise a system is to exploit weak or nonexistent passwords it is important to implement good processes for authentication management.


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