NERC CIP-002 through CIP-014 Revision 6_CIP-003-6 R1

NERC CIP-002 through CIP-014 Revision 6

Security Management Controls

CIP-003-6 R1

R1. Each Responsible Entity shall review and obtain CIP Senior Manager approval at least once every 15 calendar months for one or more documented cyber security policies that collectively address the following topics: [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Operations Planning]1.1 For its high impact and medium impact BES Cyber Systems if any:1.1.1. Personnel and training (CIP-004);1.1.2. Electronic Security Perimeters (CIP-005) including Interactive Remote Access;1.1.3. Physical security of BES Cyber Systems (CIP-006);1.1.4. System security management (CIP-007);1.1.5. Incident reporting and response planning (CIP-008);1.1.6. Recovery plans for BES Cyber Systems (CIP-009);1.1.7. Configuration change management and vulnerability assessments (CIP-010);1.1.8. Information protection (CIP-011); and1.1.9. Declaring and responding to CIP Exceptional Circumstances.1.2 For its assets identified in CIP-002 containing low impact BES Cyber Systems if any:1.2.1. Cyber security awareness;1.2.2. Physical security controls;1.2.3. Electronic access controls for Low Impact External Routable Connectivity (LERC) and Dial-up Connectivity; and1.2.4. Cyber Security Incident response

M1. Examples of evidence may include but are not limited to policy documents; revision history records of review or workflow evidence from a document management system that indicate review of each cyber security policy at least once every 15 calendar months; and documented approval by the CIP Senior Manager for each cyber security policy.


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