NIST 800-53_PE-3

NIST 800-53

Physical and Environmental Protection


Physical Access Control

a. Enforce physical access authorizations at [Assignment: organization-defined entry and exit points to the facility where the system resides] by:1. Verifying individual access authorizations before granting access to the facility; and2. Controlling ingress and egress to the facility using [Selection (one or more): [Assignment: organization-defined physical access control systems or devices]; guards];b. Maintain physical access audit logs for [Assignment: organization-defined entry or exit points];c. Control access to areas within the facility designated as publicly accessible by implementing the following controls: [Assignment: organization-defined physical access controls];d. Escort visitors and control visitor activity [Assignment: organization-defined circumstances requiring visitor escorts and control of visitor activity];e. Secure keys combinations and other physical access devices;f. Inventory [Assignment: organization-defined physical access devices] every [Assignment: organization-defined frequency]; andg. Change combinations and keys [Assignment: organization-defined frequency] and/or when keys are lost combinations are compromised or when individuals possessing the keys or combinations are transferred or terminated.


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