SOC 2_CC4.1


Security Monitoring Activities


COSO Principle 16: The entity selects develops and performs ongoing and/or separate evaluations to ascertain whether the components of internal control are present and functioning.

Considers a Mix of Ongoing and Separate Evaluations—Management includes a balance of ongoing and separate evaluations.Considers Rate of Change—Management considers the rate of change in business and business processes when selecting and developing ongoing and separate evaluations.Establishes Baseline Understanding—The design and current state of an internal control system are used to establish a baseline for ongoing and separate evaluations.Uses Knowledgeable Personnel—Evaluators performing ongoing and separate evaluations have sufficient knowledge to understand what is being evaluated.Integrates With Business Processes—Ongoing evaluations are built into the business processes and adjust to changing conditions.Adjusts Scope and Frequency—Management varies the scope and frequency of separate evaluations depending on risk.Objectively Evaluates—Separate evaluations are performed periodically to provide objective feedback.Considers Different Types of Ongoing and Separate Evaluations—Management uses a variety of different types of ongoing and separate evaluations including penetration testing independent certification made against established specifications (for example ISO certifications) and internal audit assessments.


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What is a Cybersecurity Compliance Framework?

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