NIST 800-53_AC-2

NIST 800-53

Access Control


Account Management

a. Define and document the types of accounts allowed and specifically prohibited for use within the system;b. Assign account managers;c. Require [Assignment: organization-defined prerequisites and criteria] for group and role membership;d. Specify:1. Authorized users of the system;2. Group and role membership; and3. Access authorizations (i.e. privileges) and [Assignment: organization-defined attributes (as required)] for each account;e. Require approvals by [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] for requests to create accounts;f. Create enable modify disable and remove accounts in accordance with [Assignment: organization-defined policy procedures prerequisites and criteria];g. Monitor the use of accounts;h. Notify account managers and [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] within:1. [Assignment: organization-defined time period] when accounts are no longer required;2. [Assignment: organization-defined time period] when users are terminated or transferred; and3. [Assignment: organization-defined time period] when system usage or need-to-know changes for an individual;i. Authorize access to the system based on:1. A valid access authorization;2. Intended system usage; and3. [Assignment: organization-defined attributes (as required)];j. Review accounts for compliance with account management requirements [Assignment: organization-defined frequency];k. Establish and implement a process for changing shared or group account authenticators (if deployed) when individuals are removed from the group; andl. Align account management processes with personnel termination and transfer processes.


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