PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)_Req 3.5.3

PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)

Protect stored cardholder data

Req 3.5.3

3.5.3 Store secret and private keys used to encrypt/decrypt cardholder data in one (or more) of the following forms at all times: – Encrypted with a key-encrypting key that is at least as strong as the data-encrypting key and that is stored separately from the data-encrypting key – Within a secure cryptographic device (such as a hardware (host) security module (HSM) or PTS-approved point-of-interaction device) – As at least two full-length key components or key shares in accordance with an industry-accepted method. Note: it is not required that public keys be stored in one of these forms.

Cryptographic keys must be stored securely to prevent unauthorized or unnecessary access that could result in the exposure of cardholder data. It is not intended that the key-encrypting keys be encrypted however they are to be protected against disclosure and misuse as defined in Requirement 3.5. If key-encrypting keys are used storing the key-encrypting keys in physically and/or logically separate locations from the data-encrypting keys reduces the risk of unauthorized access to both keys.


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