SOC 2_P8.1


Privacy Additional Criteria for Privacy


The entity implements a process for receiving addressing resolving and communicating the resolution of inquiries complaints and disputes from data subjects and others and periodically monitors compliance to meet the entity?s objectives related to privacy. Corrections and other necessary actions related to identified deficiencies are made or taken in a timely manner.

Communicates to Data Subjects—Data subjects are informed about how to contact the entity with inquiries complaints and disputes.Addresses Inquiries Complaints and Disputes—A process is in place to address inquiries complaints and disputes.Documents and Communicates Dispute Resolution and Recourse—Each complaint is addressed and the resolution is documented and communicated to the individual.Documents and Reports Compliance Review Results—Compliance with objectives related to privacy are reviewed and documented and the results of such reviews are reported to management. If problems are identified remediation plans are developed and implemented.Documents and Reports Instances of Noncompliance—Instances of noncompliance with objectives related to privacy are documented and reported and if needed corrective and disciplinary measures are taken on a timely basis.Performs Ongoing Monitoring—Ongoing procedures are performed for monitoring the effectiveness of controls over personal information and for taking timely corrective actions when necessary.


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