SOC 2_CC5.3


Security Control Activities


COSO Principle 12: The entity deploys control activities through policies that establish what is expected and in procedures that put policies into action.

Establishes Policies and Procedures to Support Deployment of Management ‘s Directives—Management establishes control activities that are built into business processes and employees’ day-to-day activities through policies establishing what is expected and relevant procedures specifying actions.Establishes Responsibility and Accountability for Executing Policies and Procedures—Management establishes responsibility and accountability for control activities with management (or other designated personnel) of the business unit or function in which the relevant risks reside.Performs in a Timely Manner—Responsible personnel perform control activities in a timely manner as defined by the policies and procedures.Takes Corrective Action—Responsible personnel investigate and act on matters identified as a result of executing control activities.Performs Using Competent Personnel—Competent personnel with sufficient authority perform control activities with diligence and continuing focus.Reassesses Policies and Procedures—Management periodically reviews control activities to determine their continued relevance and refreshes them when necessary.


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