SOC 2_A1.2


Availability Additional Criteria for Availability


The entity authorizes designs develops or acquires implements operates approves maintains and monitors environmental protections software data back-up processes and recovery infrastructure to meet its objectives.

Identifies Environmental Threats—As part of the risk assessment process management identifies environmental threats that could impair the availability of the system including threats resulting from adverse weather failure of environmental control systems electrical discharge fire and water. Designs Detection Measures—Detection measures are implemented to identify anomalies that could result from environmental threat events. Implements and Maintains Environmental Protection Mechanisms— Management implements and maintains environmental protection mechanisms to prevent and mitigate against environmental events. Implements Alerts to Analyze Anomalies—Management implements alerts that are communicated to personnel for analysis to identify environmental threat events.Responds to Environmental Threat Events—Procedures are in place for responding to environmental threat events and for evaluating the effectiveness of those policies and procedures on a periodic basis. This includes automatic mitigation systems (for example uninterruptable power system and generator back-up subsystem).Communicates and Reviews Detected Environmental Threat Events—Detected environmental threat events are communicated to and reviewed by the individuals responsible for the management of the system and actions are taken if necessary.Determines Data Requiring Backup—Data is evaluated to determine whether backup is required. Performs Data Backup—Procedures are in place for backing up data monitoring to detect back-up failures and initiating corrective action when such failures occur. Addresses Offsite Storage—Back-up data is stored in a location at a distance from its principal storage location sufficient that the likelihood of a security or environmental threat event affecting both sets of data is reduced to an appropriate level. Implements Alternate Processing Infrastructure—Measures are implemented for migrating processing to alternate infrastructure in the event normal processing infrastructure becomes unavailable.


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