Asset Management (ID.AM)


ID.AM-5: Resources (e.g. hardware devices data time personnel and software) are prioritized based on their classification criticality and business value

Asset Management (ID.AM):The data personnel devicessystems and facilities that enablethe organization to achievebusiness purposes are identifiedand managed consistent with theirrelative importance toorganizational objectives and theorganization’s risk strategy.


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What is a Cybersecurity Compliance Framework?

You don’t need to clutter your security and privacy programs with an ever-increasing number of tools as they become more sophisticated. The Lionfish platform offers a one-stop solution to track progress and monitor any framework, from custom-built ones to highly-specialized and in-demand top security and privacy frameworks and certifications.

With the Lionfish platform, every framework is supported with guided scoping, policies, controls, automated evidence collection, and continuous monitoring, ensuring efficient preparation for audits or attestation in minimal time.

The Lionfish platform is compatible with a wide range of security and privacy frameworks, including:

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