PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)_Req 9.1.1

PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)

Restrict physical access to cardholder data

Req 9.1.1

9.1.1 Use either video cameras or access control mechanisms (or both) to monitor individual physical access to sensitive areas. Review collected data and correlate with other entries. Store for at least three months unless otherwise restricted by law. Note: “sensitive areas” refers to any data center server room or any area that houses systems that store process or transmit cardholder data. This excludes public-facing areas where only point-of-sale terminals are present such as the cashier areas in a retail store.

When investigating physical breaches these controls can help identify the individuals that physically accessed the sensitive areas as well as when they entered and exited. Criminals attempting to gain physical access to sensitive areas will often attempt to disable or bypass the monitoring controls. To protect these controls from tampering video cameras could be positioned so they are out of reach and/or be monitored to detect tampering. Similarly access control mechanisms could be monitored or have physical protections installed to prevent them being damaged or disabled by malicious individuals. Examples of sensitive areas include corporate database server rooms back-office rooms at retail locations that store cardholder data and storage areas for large quantities of cardholder data. Sensitive areas should be identified by each organization to ensure the appropriate physical monitoring controls are implemented.


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