NIST 800-172_3.14.5e

NIST 800-172



Conduct reviews of persistent organizational storage locations [Assignment: organization-defined frequency] and remove CUI that is no longer needed.

As programs projects and contracts evolve some CUI may no longer be needed. Periodic and event-related (e.g. at project completion) reviews are conducted to ensure that CUI that is no longer required is securely removed from persistent storage. Removal is consistent with federal records retention policies and disposition schedules. Retaining information for longer than it is needed makes the information a potential target for adversaries searching for critical program or HVA information to exfiltrate. The unnecessary retention of system-related information provides adversaries information that can assist in their reconnaissance and lateral movement through organizational systems. Alternatively information which must be retained but is not required for current activities is removed from online storage and stored offline in a secure location to eliminate the possibility of individuals gaining unauthorized access to the information through a network. The purging of CUI renders the information unreadable indecipherable and unrecoverable.[SP 800-88] provides guidance on media sanitization.


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