PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)_Req 1.4

PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard)

Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data

Req 1.4

1.4 Install personal firewall software or equivalent functionality on any portable computing devices (including company and/or employee-owned) that connect to the internet when outside the network (for example laptops used by employees) and which are also used to access the CDE. Firewall (or equivalent) configurations include: – specific configuration settings are defined. – Personal firewall (or equivalent functionality) is actively running. – Personal firewall (or equivalent functionality) is not alterable by users of the portable computing devices.

Portable computing devices that are allowed to connect to the Internet from outside the corporate firewall are more vulnerable to Internet-based threats. Use of firewall functionality (e.g. personal firewall software or hardware) helps to protect devices from Internet-based attacks which could use the device to gain access the organization’s systems and data once the device is re-connected to the network. The specific firewall configuration settings are determined by the organization. Note: This requirement applies to employeeowned and company-owned portable computing devices. Systems that cannot be managed by corporate policy introduce weaknesses and provide opportunities that malicious individuals may exploit. Allowing untrusted systems to connect to an organization’s CDE could result in access being granted to attackers and other malicious users.


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